Building key skillsets to achieve bottom-line results
through cutting-edge seminars, workshops, and retreats.

All training offerings include
three powerful elements:

  1. A deep-dive, collaborative assessment to determine the organization’s highest priority needs
  2. A fully customized program created with stakeholders, audience profiles, and organization objectives in mind
  3. A hands-on, engaging format that empowers participants to take action, and reinforces key messages

We found Dr. Logan’s open approach to the sensitive subject of bias and stereotypes engaged our employees and encouraged them to actively participate in the workshop. His discussion of how we can look past our cultural differences and become more aware of our behaviors and actions, ultimately, leads to the conscious choice to stay in our company’s inclusive, diverse culture. As owners and managers of the business, Dr. Logan’s workshop was a great way to reinforce our culture and values to our employees.”

Daniel Stein, Mark Stein, Owners,
Mark Vend Company

Some of Dr. Logan’s most popular training programs cover the following topics:

For Corporations and Businesses

  • Global Leadership Development for C-Suite Executives
  • Recruitment, Retention, and Development of Diverse Talent
  • Team-Building Activities for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Revealing and Eradicating Implicit Bias and stereotype threat in Organizations
  • Positive Business Culture Development for Employee Buy-In

Dr. Logan is so impressive, both in his content and style. He facilitated an educational, thought-provoking workshop. His depth and breadth of knowledge, experience, and interpersonal style led to a comfortable environment where conversation, questions and thoughts were free-flowing. We hope he’ll be back for more next year!”

Heather Sweeny, Parent, PTA Council,
Evanston/Skokie School District 65

For Educational Institutions, Students, and Parents

  • Healthy Racial and Ethnic Identity Development
  • Success Strategies for First-Generation College Students
  • Success Strategies for Parents and Teachers
  • Success Strategies for Underperforming Students
  • Implementing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Mastering Multicultural Education and Education Equity

Dr. Logan provided the Evanston Police Department with an extensive, multi-year program instructing officers in the area of diversity, implicit bias, and racial sensitivity. His expertise was of great value to our department. We were very fortunate to train under his guidance.”

Commander Diane Davis, Office of Professional Standards,
Evanston Police Department

For Law Enforcement

  • Identifying and Eliminating Implicit Bias and Stereotype Threat in Policing
  • Improving Relations Between Police and Community Members
  • Effectively Dealing with Race, Class, and Gender Issues
  • Developing Intercultural Competencies
  • Promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Equity

As the founder of Logan Consulting Services, Dr. G. Kwesi Cornell Logan helps clients develop the right skills and behaviors to expand global leadership and maximize business success. He does this by delivering interactive learning-based training programs that directly address problems—and implement turnkey solutions.

Each training program is tailored to address top-priority needs at multinational corporations, small businesses, schools, police departments, and more. These workshops, seminars, and retreats provide strategic takeaways that create real change at organizations.

Ready for cutting-edge training to transform your audience? Contact Dr. Logan today to discuss building your fully customized program.

Dr. Logan is masterful at creating learning experiences which enable workers and leaders to discover the insights necessary to personally transform themselves and guide the transformation of their organizations.”

Dr. Reginald C. Jackson, Learning Engineer, Faculty Support Services,
Northwestern University

Dr. Logan’s workshop was very unique and the first of its kind. Faculty, staff and students found him to be very insightful and inspiring with his depth of knowledge and experience. Our faculty was excited and engaged in discussion about their insights regarding prevention strategies for mental health professionals and organizational challenges for police. Dr. Logan’s understanding of these cultural challenges provided a contemporary framework to conceptualize and develop violence prevention strategies and our own cultural competence. We hope to work with Dr. Logan in the near future.”

Dr. Nathaniel Gilham, LCPC, NCC, Assistant Professor/Director of Training,
Argosy University, Illinois School of Professional Psychology

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