Inspirational Speaking

Motivating diverse audiences to develop healthy
self-identity, achieve prosperity, and overcome life’s
toughest obstacles.

Here are some topics covered by
Dr. Logan’s fully customizable inspirational speeches:

  • Powerful Lessons on Life and Diversity, Drawn from Living in 23 Countries
    Insights learned from living and working in North and Central America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and West Africa.
  • Proven Strategies for Developing Resilience to Life’s Greatest Challenges
    Based on real-life experiences including surviving a plane crash landing, malaria, substance abuse, encounters with big brown bears, and getting lost overnight in the forest.
  • First-Hand Memories and Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    An inspirational account of personal experiences and family connections with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Overcoming Personal Hardship to Achieve Success in High School and College
    Lessons about defeating cultural and racial challenges for students of color, finding success after run-ins with the police, and transforming from flunking to thriving.

The result? An interactive, exciting program with practical, actionable takeaways.

Dr. Logan was outstanding as a speaker to over 1,000 students, staff and administrators of various cultural backgrounds. He provided a great mixture of facilitation and storytelling about his struggles as a child, challenges as a student, trials with his career, and lessons from his travels around the world. Dr. Logan connected with and inspired students in real and relevant ways.”

Alana Amaker, Counselor Teacher, Program Coordinator,
Evanston Township High School


Dr. Logan Speaking

Dr. Logan’s inspirational talks are transformational for corporations, organizations, high schools, colleges, and any group of people looking to adopt a global outlook and refresh their life perspective.

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Hearing the great story of Dr. Logan’s journey was amazing and eye opening. It motivated me to stay in school and to think positive of life, and that life is a long learning experience. It gave me a wakeup call that I am not at the finish line until I have the diploma in my hands. I have one more semester to go till I graduate and this type of presentation keeps my eyes on the prize.”

Daniel Leja, Student,
Northeastern Illinois University

A global thought leader, diversity expert, and daring world traveler, Dr. G. Kwesi Cornell Logan captivates audiences and motivates them to conquer their personal and professional goals. Dr. Logan’s enthralling life stories—from his personal connection to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to living in 23 different countries and surviving multiple near-death experiences—inspire people from all backgrounds to overcome adversity.

With vivid details of real-life trials, tribulations, and successes, Dr. Logan delivers energizing motivational speeches tailored to each audience. There’s a reason why Dr. Logan is known as The Diversity Doc: His expertise in leadership and diversity enable him to create powerful connections with anyone who hears him speak.

Dr. Logan had the entire school, from the four-year-olds to the adults, captivated with his message of struggle and hope.”

Jen Fabsik, Service Learning Coordinator,
Quest Academy

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