Transforming individuals and organizations
for powerful global leadership
in today’s diverse world.

Dr. Logan’s transformational consulting services include the following:

For Corporations and Businesses

From small and mid-sized businesses, to multinational corporations such as McDonald’s, consulting with Dr. Logan creates long-term business results, including:

  • Developing resilient, high-performing executives who lead with a global outlook
  • Capitalizing on human resources to recruit and retain the best, most diverse talent
  • Effectively managing diverse departments and employees within the organization

  • Maximizing team-building skills to exceed the demands of today’s labor market
  • Dramatically reducing employee dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and turnover rates
  • Establishing a healthy corporate culture that promotes high employee buy-in

Dr. Logan brings world-class expertise on diversity management to help transform organizations into global leaders. Drawing on experiences from 7 years spent in 23 countries, Dr. Logan works closely with executives to develop a global mindset, strong leadership skills, and successful business practices.

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Dr. Logan understands both the difficulties and the possibilities of developing organizations that perform better because the individuals in them have developed necessary cultural competencies. He cultivates organizational transformation by transforming the individuals that work in them.”

Christopher Jones,
Independent Recruitment Consultant

For Educational Institutions

As a consultant for high schools, colleges, and higher education programs, Dr. Logan works closely with administrators and students to foster success at every level. Typical results include:

  • Implementing culturally relevant pedagogy on an institution-wide scale
  • Eliminating bias, promoting equity, and embracing diversity in education
  • Increasing the potential for first-generation college students to achieve success

  • Helping underperforming, low-achieving students to dramatically improve grades
  • Creating a positive school culture that promotes inclusiveness and representation

Schools, and those who run them, face a unique set of challenges to develop their students into globally minded leaders. Dr. Logan has spent his career solving those challenges at a wide range of educational institutions around the world.

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Dr. Logan has been fantastic to work with and has provided a legitimacy to the work being done. His work has brought the issues of equity in education to the forefront and has resulted in a community wide discussion about racial awareness and how to better serve our African-American students. The students and families are sensing that their voices are finally being heard and this is due in large part to the work of Dr. Logan. I would thoroughly recommend the services of Logan Consulting Services to any organization that seeks to promote racial equity.”

Michael Berrie, Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning,
Round Lake Area School District 116

For Parents

Through schools, parent groups, and associations, consulting with Dr. Logan helps parents achieve remarkable results, such as:

  • Constructing a positive and healthy racial and ethnic identity for their children
  • Preparing their children to live and work successfully in a global, diverse society
  • Learning how to talk about and deal with topics of racism that their children face

  • Implementing best practices from parents around the world in different cultures
  • Becoming powerful advocates for their children to help them achieve success

It can be overwhelming to navigate the web of media, music, TV, and pop culture that influences kids today. Dr. Logan, a doctor in adult education and father of three, helps parents overcome these obstacles to effectively communicate with their children, fostering a healthy sense of self in their kids.

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Dr. Logan, an alert and aware listener, has planned and facilitated focus groups, town hall meetings, workshops, one-on-one consultations, and developed curriculum and assessments for our department. He is endowed with an uncommon skill-set that includes abilities to facilitate dialogue and remain neutral, thereby engendering respect for different opinions and perspectives. He guides the group away from finger-pointing and towards personal responsibility for finding solutions.”

Richard Eddington, Chief of Police,
Evanston Police Department

For Law Enforcement

Dr. Logan provides hands-on guidance to police chiefs, officers, and law enforcement administrators. The powerful results include:

  • Revealing implicit bias within policing strategies, and taking steps to eliminate it
  • Understanding stereotype threat and its impact on community relations
  • Improving officers’ intercultural communication and diversity management skills

  • Helping police officers understand their own identity and how it impacts policing
  • Fostering understanding of how people view law enforcement from the outside

Dr. Logan’s combined expertise in adult education, diversity management, and leadership development has transformed police departments. With a focus on improving the dynamic between the police and African-American communities, his unique consulting approach brings real change to law enforcement.

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Over the past 20 years, Dr. G. Kwesi Cornell Logan has served as a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients seeking to become global leaders with strong competitive advantage. A sought-after consultant, Dr. Logan takes a hands-on approach to developing core competencies that help his clients succeed in today’s increasingly diverse society.

With a signature deep-dive assessment, Dr. Logan first identifies untapped opportunities for growth at organizations—and powerful leadership potential in individuals. Then, he designs fully customized training and education programs to help clients maximize strengths and overcome challenges.

To learn more about how consulting with Dr. Logan can accelerate your path to global leadership, reach out to him today.

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