One-on-one mentorship to chart a strategic course
toward global leadership and personal success.

Coaching with Dr. Logan includes the following offerings:

For Business Executives

Dr. Logan guides executives to adopt a global mindset, develop critical leadership capabilities, and become more strategic. Coaching with Dr. Logan helps business executives learn how to:

  • Engage respectfully with business partners and employees from other cultures
  • Prioritize key professional and personal goals, and develop a strategy to reach them
  • Build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and intercultural competence
  • Effectively communicate with diverse groups of people in the marketplace

  • Successfully collaborate with colleagues and clients while on overseas assignments

Many C-suite executives must manage, lead, and build relationships with people from vastly different cultures. As an expert in diversity management who has lived and worked in 23 countries, Dr. Logan brings unparalleled experience to mentor business leaders for global success.

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Dr. Logan helps global leaders achieve more than effective diversity management – he helps them acquire the skills they need to be effective leaders in a global society. He understands there is a difference between managing diversity and mission driven diversity management.”

Dr. Michelle Hoy-Watkins, Associate Faculty,
Chicago School of Professional Psychology

For Educational Leaders

With Dr. Logan’s guidance, educational leaders develop capabilities that foster diversity, inclusiveness, and top student performance. Dr. Logan empowers them to:

  • Cultivate the skills to effectively work with diverse students, teachers, and families
  • Understand how different students learn, communicate, and process information
  • Foster a teaching culture that values diversity and eliminates bias in education

  • Implement culturally relevant pedagogy and education equity for all students
  • Build a school spirit of inclusiveness, representation, and diversity of education

Principals, superintendents, and teachers all face a unique set of challenges when it comes to cultivating young minds for future success. Dr. Logan has helped hundreds of school leaders overcome key obstacles as a trusted coach with over 25 years of experience in K–16 education.

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I contacted Dr. Logan to coach my daughter and I through some sensitive difficulties we were having with cultural relations at her school. He was very patient, listened carefully to all my concerns, and gave us a strategic approach to having uncomfortable conversations with a parent of a different race. As a result, the children had a great conversation, as did I did with the parent and the camp leader. It really helped me not move into a negative reactive space.”

Tana Francellno, Parent

For Parents

Dr. Logan helps parents navigate issues that have the greatest potential to impact their kids. Coaching for parents leads to tangible results, such as:

  • Developing tools to effectively communicate with children about difficult topics
  • Implementing successful parenting techniques from different cultures
  • Overcoming personal challenges to create a healthier home life for their kids

  • Establishing a healthy, positive sense of racial, cultural, and ethnic identity

As a devoted father of three in a blended, multicultural family, Dr. Logan draws from his own experiences to help parents develop strong, positive dynamics with their children. From divorce and remarriage, to interpersonal problems and professional obstacles, no challenge is off limits in this powerful mentorship program.

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For Students

Working one-on-one with Dr. Logan can help students to:

  • Dramatically improve poor grades to achieve optimal school performance
  • Build resilience to overcome cultural and racial obstacles for students of color
  • Adopt a global mindset to prepare for success in today’s diverse society

  • Develop a positive and healthy sense of racial, ethnic, and cultural identity

Dr. Logan has over two decades of experience working directly with K­–16 students, as well as a master’s degree in elementary education. This expertise, combined with his doctoral research in racial and ethnic identity development, make him an influential coach for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

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For Law Enforcement

Dr. Logan works closely with police chiefs and officers to navigate everything from the Black Lives Matter movement, stereotype threat, and implicit bias in policing. Law enforcement officials learn how to:

  • Dramatically improve relationships between police and community members
  • Develop strategies to successfully interact with diverse groups of people
  • Build positive connections between law enforcement and African Americans

  • Cultivate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and intercultural competence
  • Effectively manage diversity, promote inclusion, and foster cultural equity

The son of Evanston Illinois’ first African American police chief, Dr. Logan has spent over 10 years collaborating with law enforcement officials to improve community relations and promote diversity. Police chiefs and other law enforcement officials turn to Dr. Logan for one-on-one coaching to successfully navigate an increasingly complicated field.

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Without the ability to connect with people from a wide range of cultures, even the most talented leaders struggle to find success in today’s increasingly diverse society. That’s why Dr. G. Kwesi Cornell Logan offers customized coaching programs to help clients around the world navigate the intersection of diversity and leadership.

Dr. Logan has coached hundreds of individuals over the past 20 years, from corporate executives and school leaders, to students, parents, and law enforcement officials. His unique coaching style grants clients unlimited access to his expertise in business, diversity, education, and leadership development. An invaluable resource to help reach personal and professional milestones, Dr. Logan mentors each client one-on-one.

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This experience was very eye opening. I wasn’t even aware of how I truly felt; the amount of built-up emotion about things so personal that I have not shared with anyone was difficult to deal with. But when I started working on it, it felt really good. Although I’ve experienced oppression, I never thought analyzing it would help me understand it enough where I feel confident enough to confront it like I do now.”

Nida Uddin, Student,
DePaul University

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