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Corporations & Businesses

My experience with Dr. Logan as a scholar, professional, educator and friend spans a couple of decades. His long-standing passion and deep understanding of issues of diversity and inclusion is rooted in his on-the-ground experience with multiple cultures around the globe.Dr. Logan is an invaluable resource for those business enterprises and organizations seeking to develop global leadership, diverse talent, and competitive advantage.”

Eugene Kelly, Vice President,
Global Diversity & Inclusion, Colgate-Palmolive Company


Dr. Logan’s facilitation skills are world class! He has such a kind spirit that sets the tone so wonderfully.”

Laura Maloney, Program Coordinator,
Evanston Scholars

We found Dr. Logan’s open approach to the sensitive subject of bias and stereotypes engaged our employees and encouraged them to actively participate in the workshop. His discussion of how we can look past our cultural differences and become more aware of our behaviors and actions, ultimately, leads to the conscious choice to stay in our company’s inclusive, diverse culture. As owners and managers of the business, Dr. Logan’s workshop was a great way to reinforce our culture and values to our employees.”

Daniel Stein, Mark Stein, Owners,
Mark Vend Company

Dr. Logan is masterful at creating learning experiences which enable workers and leaders to discover the insights necessary to personally transform themselves and guide the transformation of their organizations.”

Dr. Reginald C. Jackson, Learning Engineer, Faculty Support Services,
Northwestern University

To meet the challenges of working and living in the 21st century we must develop the awareness, knowledge and skills to interact with diverse groups of people. Dr. Logan will help you develop the cultural competencies needed to succeed in a global society.”

Tracey Cross-Jones, Litigation Support Manager,
McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

Dr. Logan understand both the difficulties and the possibilities of developing organizations that perform better because the individuals in them have developed necessary cultural competencies. He cultivates organizational transformation by transforming the individuals that work in them.”

Christopher Jones, Independent Recruitment Consultant


I have worked with Dr. Logan for over 8 years as a speaker and presenter in my leadership programs at schools and community organizations. Dr. Logan always exceeds expectations. Recently we had him as the closing speaker at the FIRE (Fostering Intercultural Respect and Empowerment) Conference at Lake Forest Academy, and he was spot on his address to students and teachers. Dr. Logan inspires us to take risks, break down barriers, and come together to build stronger community. I encourage any organization that wants to foster more leadership across lines of difference to work with Dr. Logan.”

Matt Nink, Director,
The Stuart Center for Global Leadership

Dr. Logan shows that transformative leadership begins with transformative learning. He facilitates a learning experience that is engaging and challenging in a way that resonates with individuals.”

Dr. Hireshemo B. Clark, School Psychology Coordinator (Networks 7-13),
Chicago Public Schools

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Logan and his company to other businesses and institutions who are looking for ways to assess and address the challenges and opportunities of diversity. As a leader of effective diversity management, Dr. Logan shows how diversity can add value to any corporate enterprise.”

Dr. Hireshemo B. Clark, School Psychology Coordinator (Networks 7-13),
Chicago Public Schools)

Dr. Logan helps global leaders achieve more than effective diversity management – he helps them acquire the skills they need to be effective leaders in a global society. He understands there is a difference between managing diversity and mission driven diversity management.”

Dr. Michelle Hoy-Watkins, Associate Faculty,
Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Law Enforcement

Doctor Logan, an alert and aware listener, is endowed with an uncommon skill-set that includes the abilities to facilitate dialogue, remain neutral, thereby engendering respect for different opinions and perspectives. Officers embraced the opportunity to discuss implicit bias with him and with their peers—testimony to the credibility, rapport and trusting environment he established, and the respect he shows for each participant.

Dr. Logan, an alert and aware listener, has planned and facilitated focus groups, town hall meetings, workshops, one-on-one consultations, and developed curriculum and assessments for our department. He is endowed with an uncommon skill-set that includes abilities to facilitate dialogue and remain neutral, thereby engendering respect for different opinions and perspectives. He guides the group away from finger-pointing and towards personal responsibility for finding solutions.”

Richard Eddington, Chief of Police,
Evanston Police Department

Dr. Logan provided the Evanston Police Department with an extensive, yearlong program instructing officers in the area of diversity, implicit bias, and racial sensitivity. His expertise in diversity, implicit bias, and racial sensitivity was of great value to our department. We were very fortunate to train under his guidance.”

Commander Diane Davis, Office of Professional Standards,
Evanston Police Department

We brought Dr. Logan in as a diversity trainer and consultant to help mental health providers identify strategies of engagement for developing relationships between police and the community. This workshop was very unique and the first of its kind. Faculty, staff and students found Dr. Logan to be very insightful and inspiring. Dr. Logan’s depth of knowledge and experience working with police added to our understanding of organizational culture and enhanced the knowledge of all participants. Our faculty was excited and engaged in discussion about their insights regarding prevention strategies for mental health professionals and organizational challenges for police. Dr. Logan’s understanding of these cultural challenges provided a contemporary framework to conceptualize and develop violence prevention strategies and our own cultural competence. We hope to work with Dr. Logan in the near future.”

Dr. Nathaniel Gilham, LCPC, NCC, Assistant Professor/Director of Training,
Argosy University, Illinois School of Professional Psychology

We brought Dr. Logan in for a workshop titled Race, Policing & Misperceptions to help mental health clinicians explore tensions between racialized groups and law enforcement in hopes of providing us with greater insight into the perspective of the police. He was very effective at challenging us to consider the individuals inside of the uniform and understand that they too are impacted by the system they are sworn to enforce. This was of value to me because it forced me to challenge myself and think of the ways in which I could work to bridge the gap between clinician, the police force, and the community. The knowledge gained from this session was transformational.”

Lakesha Winley, Doctoral Student, Diversity Fellow,
Illinois School of Professional Psychology

Educational Institutions


The message from Dr. King to Chief Logan to Dr. Logan to our university – was exceptional, inspirational, and relevant to students of all races. Dr. Logan has an amazing presence and engaging style that resonated with our diverse groups of students, staff and administrators. His incredible story is alive in a unique way that will inspire any young person struggling to survive school, build a career and live the American dream.”

Miguel A. Cambray, Director of Multicultural Student Services,
Lewis University

Dr. Logan was outstanding as an emcee and speaker to over 1,000 students, staff and administrators of various cultural backgrounds. He provided a great mixture of facilitation and storytelling about his struggles as a child, challenges as a student, trials with his career, and lessons from his travels around the world. Dr. Logan connected with and inspired students in real and relevant ways. I received numerous positive comments from colleagues about how engaging and meaningful he was in both, content and delivery. For many, it had been years since we’ve seen such a large audience of students so fully captivated.”

Alana Amaker, Counselor Teacher, Program Coordinator,
Evanston Township High School


Dr. Logan’s workshop series was profoundly successful. Even though the majority of the church congregation is not of color and is an older demographic, they paid rapt attention to the universality of his work, which received an enthusiastic and positive reception. I wholeheartedly recommend the work of Dr. Logan, particularly for adolescents and young adults, who are actively seeking identity.”

Nina Roberts, Co-Chair, Spiritual Pathways,
Lake Street Church of Evanston

Dr. Logan has a presence that resonates with the audience and a unique, soothing way of engaging people about discomforting topics.”

Dr. Quincy Thomas Stewart, Associate Professor of Sociology, Faculty Fellow,
Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University; parent

Dr. Logan engaged our graduate students in a well-organized presentation that challenged them to think comprehensively about diversity and inclusion. He challenged them in such a way to encourage them to examine their own explicit and implicit biases and to seek more information. Any corporation and educational or public sector institution should hire him. He presents the information clearly and cogently and uses audio visual and media in an engaging and interesting way that captivated us all.”

Carl Hampton, Sr. Staff Therapist, Clinical Lecturer,
Family Institute at Northwestern University

Dr. Logan facilitated cultural sensitivity trainings for our staff, mentors, and volunteers. Without exaggeration, every participant shared the effectiveness of the sessions. He did an excellent job from beginning to end. Dr. Logan’s preparation was thoughtful and thorough as he wanted to learn the story and nuances of the organization. Then, during the workshop, he was exceptionally skilled at facilitating the material — he provided a theoretical framework, but also brought in aspects endemic to our community. Dr. Logan also provided personal stories, but just enough, so that it didn’t take away from the purpose and focus. He brought the intangibles necessary for a successful workshop. We were extremely pleased that Dr. Logan worked with us, and we look forward to working more with him.”

Steven Newman, Executive Director,
Evanston Scholars

I have attended many “diversity” workshops during my career. Dr. Logan’s workshop for Evanston Scholars was the best. I appreciated his authenticity, accessibility, and inclusiveness. The workshop was refreshing and thought provoking. I would gladly attend the next one in the series.”

Dr. Aimee Crow, MD


I reached out to Dr. Logan to help our school community with the process of planning, facilitating and evaluating a workshop series for parents, teachers and administrators around topics of race, racism and various notions of being different. He was genuine, inclusive, engaging, enjoyable, and fabulous. The diverse skill set that Dr. Logan holds makes him a great asset to any institution and community of learners.”

Kate Ellison, Principal,
Washington School

I highly recommend Dr. Logan as a consultant and trainer for institutions and communities interested in personal and organizational transformation. As a trainer he did a fabulous job providing a balance of theory with research and best practices. Dr. Logan has helped our school community have an open discussion and dialogue about the positives and challenges of diversity; and how we can continue to improve our school community and ourselves as individuals.”

Kate Ellison, Principal,
Washington School

Dr. Logan offered teaching and learning strategies I definitely will use in my approach to more effective teaching.”

Professional Development Workshop Participant,
Harper College

Student Participants

Workshop & Seminars

Dr. Logan’s workshop on diversity in the community, racism, and cultural awareness made me think about how our cultural values influence other people through our actions and words, even if we are not consciously aware of these dynamics on a day-to-day basis. By getting everyone involved during the presentation, Dr. Logan was able to tune a group of neophyte therapists into a topic that will no doubt influence the work we do in the community in a positive way moving forward. Dr. Logan’s story, warm personality, and experiential teaching style is engaging and inspiring.”

Jonathan Brown, Candidate for Masters of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy,
Northwestern University


Dr. Logan wasn’t talking about general abstractions, but real life.”

Francis Parker High School, Chicago, IL

Dr. Logan’s presentation has totally changed the way I see myself. I now want to discover who I am and who I want to be. I must discover my own culture, values and beliefs that are special to me and that will help me persevere through my struggles. It speaks to all minorities because, just because we face oppression does not mean we have to live up to the many stereotypes that are placed upon us.”

Salvador Sepulveda, Student,
Northeastern Illinois University

This experience was very eye opening. I wasn’t even aware of how I truly felt; the amount of built-up emotion about things so personal that I have not shared with anyone was difficult to deal with. But when I started working on it, it felt really good. Although I’ve experienced oppression, I never thought analyzing it would help me understand it enough where I feel confident enough to confront it like I do now.”

Nida Uddin, Student,
DePaul University

After hearing the presentation and how Dr. Logan has tried to change society, I’m beginning to break through that and realize that even though we are all different does not mean we must stay separated. We all have to learn and reshape society. But, I think before we begin helping others first, we must first learn about ourselves.”

Harsh Patel, Student,
Harper College

Learning of your experiences was a great value to me because it gives me insight on how much there is to learn and how I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.”

Claudia Reese, Student,
Harper College


At our Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. assembly, Dr. Logan shared his own journey in a manner that elicited both empathy and inspiration. His sincere and personal way of connecting with students made his message real — and his message is one that every educator wants his or her students to internalize: “Education will set you free and help you understand that any form of oppression is not only wrong, but rooted in insecurities and ignorance.” Truly inspiring!”

Ben Hebebrand, Head of School,
Quest Academy

Dr. Logan was the keynote speaker at our Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly. He had the entire school, from the four-year-olds to the adults, captivated with his message of struggle and hope. He shared many personal stories, but tied them to King and his message. He spoke at 10:00 AM and by 3:00, the third graders were still talking about him and his message.”

Jen Fabsik, Service Learning Coordinator,
Quest Academy

I approached Dr. Logan about presenting to our students, faculty and staff because of his experiences as a student and an African American who had traveled the world to discover who he was. His incredible story was very well received. Students identified with challenges Dr. Logan faced in school, were inspired by his perseverance, and gained a new perspective on life. Dr. Logan’s story and presentation is certainly inspirational.”

Dr. Ssebunya Edward Kasule, Assistant Professor, Political Science,
St. Louis Community College

The precision with the enthusiasm teaches young people a lot about the rewards of discipline, and combine that with the spirit of community, it prepares them for world citizenship. I think all of the things they learned will stand well in their academic pursuits.”

Dr. Hardy Murphy, Superintendent,
Evanston School Strict 65


Dr. Logan is so impressive, both in his content and style. He facilitated an educational, thought-provoking workshop that helped us to consider new ideas and reconsider familiar ideas in new ways. He struck a balance between offering a lot of meaningful information and allowing for stimulating small group discussion. His depth and breadth of knowledge, experience, and interpersonal style led to a comfortable environment where conversation, questions and thoughts were free-flowing. We hope he’ll be back for more next year!”

Heather Sweeny, Parent Teacher Association,
Washington Elementary School; PTA Council, School District 65

I contacted Dr. Logan to coach my daughter and I through some sensitive difficulties we were having with cultural relations at her school. He was very patient, listened carefully to all my concerns, and gave us a strategic approach to having uncomfortable conversations with a parent of a different race. As a result, the children had a great conversation, as did I did with the parent and the camp leader. It really helped me not move into a negative reactive space.”

Tana Francellno, Washington School parent

Community Groups

Dr. Logan’s session was extremely inspiring and eye-opening. I’ve been to a bunch of diversity and inclusion session and have always left feeling like we just scratched the surface; this was not the case with Dr. Logan. While we only spent a few hours with him, he was very clear and concise and gave our staff the actionable ways to improve and become more aware of our biases. I am so grateful for the work that Dr. Logan does and can’t wait to have him lead more sessions with us.”

Jesse Chatz, Manager,
Outreach & Recruitment, McGaw YMCA

The way Dr. Logan laid the foundation and built on it gave me practical ways to apply info I have heard a million times, ideas for ways to understand and interpret my bias.”

Maggie Allexsaht, Director,
Member Relations, McGaw YMCA

What was most impressive was Dr. Logan’s call for introspection and its insistence and implication built into the presentation.”

Samuel Carroll, Instructor,
MetaMedia, McGaw YMCA


I interviewed Dr. Gilo Kwesi Logan for a segment of my video series, Talking About Success. He is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever had sitting on my couch. He speaks all over the world telling his incredible story. To have his life he should be much older than he is. He’s seen and done so much. I love it. This is a man worth listening to and learning from. I’d like to turn this into a master class.”

Jack Canfield, co-author of the bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and author of, The Success Principles

I have known Dr. Logan personally and professionally for more than three decades. He is a powerful, effective and compelling leader and speaker because he lives the walk. He is the embodiment of Dr. King’s Beloved Community, for he is at once a global citizen and an admired leader within his hometown. I have witnessed Dr. Logan lead and teach in classrooms and boardrooms; living rooms and on our shared streets. He brings a broad and deep knowledge – theoretical, academic and lived, personal. He is an inspiring and wise diversity coach, educator and trainer. His has a restorative, empathic approach accessible to any audience. He is a master storyteller, a truth teller, and a healer – and he shares the full wisdom of all his roles so generously with his community.”

Pamela Cytrynbaum, Executive Director,
Chicago Innocence Center

In my life I have never had a presentation more powerful than Dr. Logan’s. For students, there were so many important lessons that were shared that I will hold on to and remember for the rest of my life. I could honestly relate to a lot of the issues Dr. Logan struggled with as a college student. I struggle with the same feeling of being lost and confused when deciding on a major or how to create my career. So when Dr. Logan said, he did not want to graduate with “a full wallet and an empty heart and soul” I cannot put into words how powerful that quote was. To say that he has inspired me would be an understatement.”

Tiffany Brooks, Student,
University of Southern California

Hearing the great story of Dr. Logan’s journey was amazing and eye opening. It motivated me to stay in school and to think positive of life, and that life is a long learning experience. It gave me a wakeup call that I am not at the finish line until I have the diploma in my hands. I have one more semester to go till I graduate and this type of presentation keeps my eyes on the prize. Dr. Logan should present in high schools because it will keep the students head on straight and focused for success.”

Daniel Leja, Student,
Northeastern Illinois University

When attending a Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly, it is par for the course to hear tales of courage and overcoming obstacles. However, Dr. Logan added another dimension to this experience in his presentation. The story of his own experience at university especially resonated with the students for two reasons: he talked honestly about his feelings when he was slapped in the face by injustice and he relates the struggle for equality to school. Every student has felt wronged at one time or another and Dr. Logan tapped into that personal experience to bring home the anger, the fear and the humiliation that discrimination leaves in its wake…

…After the assembly, I had jaded eighth graders googling Dr. Logan, excitedly discussing his performance and wishing he could fill the position of Head of School. They didn’t just hear his message, they felt his message and identified with him and his story. He inspired in them the kind of empathy that moves mountains.”

Lisa Kropp, Character Education Coordinator,
Quest Academy

Dr. Logan is a credit to our nation as well as humanity at large. We are better men to have had the chance to talk with him.”

Wayne Metran & Fred George, hosts,
On The Street Live

Dr. Logan, was an excellent guest on my talk show, his knowledge and insight gave my
listeners a view from all sides that added to our conversation. I would invite Dr. Logan back anytime!”

Joe Wade Formicola,
WPTF- Raleigh – Durham North Carolina

Dr. Logan is inspiring and cheerful. In this land of diversity his dream can be shared by
all of us. Supporting him is supporting ourselves.”

Junghae Lee,
Chicago Korean Radio Broadcasting Co. Chicago IL.

Dr. Logan offers insightful commentary in a most thoughtful and eloquent manner. His grasp of history, education and cultural context along with his measured and affable approach make him a valuable talk show guest. I look forward to his return visit.”

Amy Beth Arkawy, Host/Producer,
The Amy Beth Arkawy Show, New York City

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