Why Hire Dr. Logan

Why Hire Dr. Logan to Speak, Coach, or Facilitate at Your Next Seminar, Training, or Conference?

Global Experience:

Dr. Logan has over seven years of experience living, working, and speaking in twenty-three countries.

I have known Dr. Logan personally and professionally for more than three decades. He is a powerful, effective and compelling leader and speaker because he lives the walk. Dr. Logan is a master storyteller, a truth teller, and a healer.”

Pamela Cytrynbaum, Executive Director,
Chicago Innocence Center

World-Class-Leading Practice:

With twenty-plus years of leadership experience, Dr. Logan has cultivated a repository of tips, tools, and techniques to help develop a set of leadership behaviors that guarantee success in an increasingly complex and diverse global society.

Transformative Global Leadership:

Dr. Logan has helped leaders, organizations, teams, and individuals discover the insights necessary to transform themselves and their organizations.

Dr. Logan’s facilitation skills are world class! He has such a kind spirit that sets the tone so wonderfully.”

Laura Maloney, Program Coordinator,
Evanston Scholars

Master Adult Educator and Expert Facilitator:

Unique, twenty-five-plus years of expertise in K-16 education and a doctorate in adult and continuing education has groomed Dr. Logan’s methods, skills, and creative insights to the point that clients feel safe stepping outside of their comfort zones, engaging in difficult conversations, critically reflecting, finding their authentic voices, and building real relationships based on trust.

Research Expertise:

Dr. Logan has research expertise in racial and ethnic identity development, culturally relevant pedagogy, and multicultural education.

I have attended many “diversity” workshops during my career. Dr. Logan’s workshop was the best. I appreciated his authenticity, accessibility, and inclusiveness. The workshop was refreshing and thought provoking. I would gladly attend the next one in the series.”

Dr. Aimee Crow, MD

Cross-Vertical Experience:

Dr. Logan has worked with organizations ranging from small start-ups and arts-based nonprofits to police departments and school districts as well as multinational corporations at various levels.

Multichannel Services:

Dr. Logan’s speaking, coaching, consulting, and training services complement one another and provide clients with a full range of tailored options.

The story of his own experience at university especially resonated. He talked honestly about his feelings when he was slapped in the face by injustice and he relates the struggle for equality to school. Every student has felt wronged at one time or another and Dr. Logan tapped into that personal experience to bring home the anger, the fear and the humiliation that discrimination leaves in its wake.

Students didn’t just hear his message, they felt his message and identified with him and his story. He inspired in them the kind of empathy that moves mountains.”

Lisa Kropp, Character Education Coordinator,
Quest Academy

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