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Who Is Dr. G. Kwesi Cornell Logan?

World-Class Explorer, Global Thought Leader, Talented Author, Veteran Speaker, Astute Businessman, Experienced Consultant, Coach, Strategist, Mentor, Facilitator, Professor, Loving Husband, Devoted Father

At the tender age of twenty-three, armed with only a business marketing degree and a desire to answer questions about corporate America, life, and identity that his bachelor-degree-program professors did not dare discuss, Dr. Logan embarked on a soul-searching journey around the world that forever changed his life.

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Upon returning to the United States after more than seven years living and working in twenty-three countries, Dr. Logan founded two organizations and began sharing his incredible story and life lessons with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, top universities, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement agencies, and community groups around the world.

Dr. Logan’s mission is to help leaders, organizations, teams, and individuals develop leadership competencies to succeed in an increasingly complex and diverse global society.

After spending decades helping thousands of leaders, students, teachers, workers, teams, parents, principals, superintendents, police officers, and organizations develop global mind-sets, innovative leadership skills, and global success strategies, he is now a sought-after thought leader and motivational speaker who delivers a message that matters.

My experience with Dr. Logan as a scholar, professional, educator and friend spans a couple of decades. His long-standing passion and deep understanding of issues of diversity and inclusion is rooted in his on-the-ground experience with multiple cultures around the globe. Dr. Logan is an invaluable resource for those business enterprises and organizations seeking to move further along their diversity and inclusion journey.”

Eugene Kelly, Vice President,
Global Diversity & Inclusion, Colgate-Palmolive Company

Dr. Logan’s unparalleled lecture topics include:

  • Insights learned from more than seven years’ experience working and living in twenty-three countries throughout North and Central America, the Caribbean, South Pacific, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, and West Africa.
  • Methods of developing resilience gained from surviving a plane crash landing, enduring multiple near-fatal bouts with malaria, substance abuse, outsmarting big brown bears, and rescuing himself from being lost overnight in the forest while hunting down a wild boar.
  • A first-hand account of family connections with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. derived from the experiences of Dr. Logan’s father when his father served as Dr. King’s bodyguard, and how Dr. King influenced the lives of both Logan father and son.
  • Lessons on how to survive the college or university experience despite changing majors, hitting rock bottom (which required police intervention), nearly flunking out of school, losing his position on the football team, and overcoming cultural and racial obstacles that paralyze most people of color.

  • Wisdom acquired from living with indigenous cultures worldwide based on non-Western ways of thinking, knowing, and being, as well as insights gained from the experiences of being the first black person many indigenous people and communities had ever met.
  • Keys for overcoming failing grades to becoming an Honor Roll student and mastering a doctorate in education.
  • Lessons on persistence and perseverance learned while working as an illegal migrant laborer, living among the homeless, and trekking hundreds of miles through mountains, volcanoes, rain forests, deserts, and glaciers around the world.
  • Overcoming odds as a single parent on public assistance, battling chronic asthma and depression that never, ever got the best of him.
  • Personal life experience as a dad raising three sons in both multicultural and blended families.
  • Guidance on how to convert from being a “junk food junkie” to a vegan and changing from a “diet” mentality to a “live-it” mentality that includes fasting, raw food, juicing, and natural healing.

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Dr. Logan’s expertise stems from:

  • Experience successfully founding, developing, and leading S.O.U.L. Creations and Logan Consulting Services.
  • Twenty-plus years’ experience working with organizational leaders of multinational corporations, school districts, police departments, community-based nonprofits, first-time entrepreneurs, and small start-ups.
  • More than twenty-five years of experience in K-16 education based on a master’s degree in elementary education and a doctorate in adult and continuing education.
  • Fifteen-plus years’ of experience as an adjunct professor of diversity and social justice, teaching interpersonal communications, human relations, and critical thinking in Chicago.

  • Research expertise in racial and ethnic identity development, culturally relevant pedagogy, and multicultural education.
  • A BS in business marketing and a doctorate in adult and continuing education.
  • Membership in the Illinois Diversity Council.

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Dr. Logan has discovered unique insights necessary to help clients transform themselves and their organizations. He provides expertise and value through custom-tailored keynotes, personalized coaching, workshops, and consulting work. He finds the greatest pride and satisfaction, however, in being a loving and devoted husband to his wife, Miah and father to their three sons, Ulaiassi, Olu Sekou, and Ali Salif.

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