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Dr. G. Kwesi Cornell Logan


Six months old in the world
As a child growing up in Evanston, IL, I remember sitting at the feet of my elders as they shared stories about the pioneers, community servants, and business entrepreneurs that dotted our family. I loved listening to the adventures of my ancestors and relatives who escaped to Canada on the Underground Railroad and then migrated back to the United States in the early 1890s. I was inspired by how they served in World War II and the Korean War, participated in The March on Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963, established successful catering businesses and shops, cofounded organizations such as The Chessmen and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement, which still exist today, and were social workers who worked with Jane Addams at Hull House in Chicago.

F.B.I. Academy graduation, 1969, Washington, D.C. Left to right is: my grandmother, Rose, “Nanny.” Dad, “Bill.” Director, J. Edgar Hoover. Mom, Marcia, “Sissy.” Brother, Billy. Sister, Cheryl. And I.
My dad exerted a powerful influence on my life. He graduated from the FBI National Academy, became the first African American Chief of Police in Evanston, and was entrusted with the honor of protecting the life of Dr. King as his bodyguard. That position in Dr. King’s life changed my father forever and deeply influenced me. At the age of twenty-three, Dr. King’s influence on my family inspired me to overcome the cultural challenges and discrimination I was confronted with daily and that paralyzes so many people of color. From this rich family history, I gained the strength to persevere, triumph over adversity, and to enlist the transformative power of identity, diversity, inclusion, resilience, and social justice.
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Soul-Searching Journey

Senior year at Evanston Township High School
In college at Southern Illinois University (SIU), I struggled to find my way and stand on my own two feet with low grades and an unrelenting ambivalence about what to major in.

I lost my identity, hit rock bottom (which involved the police), twice nearly flunked out of school, battled substance abuse, and failed to graduate within the coveted four-year time frame. Because of this, I was forced to quit the football team. Yet and still, after persisting through my youthful soul-searching years, I finally earned a BA in Business Marketing from SIU and began undergoing a search for answers to broader and deeper questions about corporate America, life, and my identity.

This quest led me on a sixteen-month backpacking journey to the Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. I hitchhiked, lodged with, and learned from non-Western indigenous cultures all while often being the first black person they had ever met. I also worked as an illegal migrant laborer, endured homeless nights, and trekked hundreds of miles through mountains, volcanoes, rain forests, deserts, and glaciers. On this journey, I became what I like to call a “Born-again human being,” which is a person who has reconnected to what it means to be conscious, compassionate, and accepting of difference.
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The message from Dr. King to Chief Logan to Dr. Logan to our university – was exceptional, inspirational, and relevant to students of all races. Dr. Logan has an amazing presence and engaging style that resonated. His incredible story is alive in a unique way that will inspire any young person struggling to survive school, build a career and live the American dream.”

Miguel A. Cambray, Director of Multicultural Student Services,
Lewis University

A Story to Tell

The very first time I packaged my story, 1991, Nichols Middle School, Evanston, IL.
On my return home, I embarked on a career in which I could apply the lessons I learned about identity in a way that would help others navigate through corporate America and life in general. I created a curriculum that combined my observations with a unique brand of inspirational and interactive storytelling that would enlighten thousands of people and dozens of corporations and educational institutions. In doing so, I wrote a poem called, “When You Think,” which was awarded Honorable Mention by the World of Poetry’s Golden Poet Award.

I shared messages and lessons I learned about discovering identity, purpose, passion, and leadership, and about developing an intercultural set of behaviors relating to business, education, and interpersonal relationships. This resulted in improved working relationships, the development of global mind-sets, improved intercultural communication skills, and increased personal and student success for those with whom I’ve worked. A side benefit has been soaking up numerous honorable mentions and heartwarming standing ovations that fuel my commitment to this line of work.

I also earned a master’s degree in elementary education, was inducted into the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education, and became certified as a Family Life Educator. My research focused on learning styles, culturally relevant pedagogy, and multicultural education while working as a teacher in various capacities within Chicago-area, K-8 schools in diverse and multicultural settings.

At the age of twenty-eight, I resumed my culturally focused world traveling but this time on a backpacking journey that lasted more than three years. I revisited all the countries from my previous trip and added Papua New Guinea, Laos, India, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast to my itinerary.

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Myself on left, Chaaze Roberts on right; 1994 hiking the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State
Returning from this journey, audiences were moved by my inspirational messages of how I overcame the odds of being a single parent on public aid, battling multiple near-fatal bouts of malaria, chronic asthma and depression that never, ever got the best of me. While working three jobs, I went back to school. I’ve had many other transformative experiences that enriched my workshops and storytelling—not to mention my life—including surviving a plane crash landing, outsmarting big brown bears, and rescuing myself from being lost overnight in the forest while hunting down a wild boar.

These stories of adversity, accountability, sacrifice, resilience, and identity have touched, transformed, and inspired people the world over at Fortune 500 companies, top universities, nonprofit organizations, and community groups.
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My dad and I at graduation, National Louis University doctoral program
At the age of thirty-two, in 1998, I went on to teach high school and founded S.O.U.L. Creations, which has been among my crowning achievements. S.O.U.L Creations is a not-for-profit, arts-in-education agency with the mission of blending academic, social, and cultural elements into a unique process of self-discovery that educates, empowers, and validates our youth. As an accomplished artist with S.O.U.L., I’ve performed as a percussionist, dancer, and artistic director in more than one hundred musical and theatrical productions.

As the founding director, I gained skills in organizing, managing, and training staff and developing curricula and programs. S.O.U.L. also led to the opening of a broader path that requires me to speak, consult, and train with nonprofit, corporate, and educational leaders. The goal is to develop global leadership competencies—a defined set of attitudes, behaviors, skills, and standards—for individuals working with diverse groups, organizations, and teams.

My career has included teaching courses for seven years at the International Academy of Design and Technology in college mathematics, critical thinking, Pan-African studies, interpersonal communications, and human relations. From there, I went on to work another seven years as a program specialist at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) while earning my doctorate in Adult and Continuing Education with research expertise in ethnic/racial identity development.

While at NEIU, I was recognized for my accomplishments, including: the RHOyal Educator Award, Student Organization Advisor of the Year, Indelible Mark Award, Staff Award of Excellence, and the Those Who Make a Difference Award. In 2009, I was selected as a Fulbright Hays Scholar to study language, culture, and social transformation in Jamaica, West Indies.

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Diverse Experience

Leading graduate and undergraduate students to US/Mexico border, serving as NEIU Faculty Leader, 2012
At NEIU, I also served as Faculty Leader, supervising three groups of undergraduate and graduate students on cultural immersion experiences to the US/Mexico border and Guatemala to study issues related to human rights, immigration, and fair trade. I participated in an African Heritage Delegation to Israel and Palestine.

Since 2008, I’ve served as adjunct faculty in the Justice Studies Department at NEIU and at Harper College’s Multicultural Resource Center for three years, teaching social justice education, globalization, multicultural education, as well as race and ethnic relations. From this work, law enforcement agencies and community organizations have selected me to help them develop cultural competencies for better understanding the diverse communities they serve.

With these experiences, I’ve also been invited to give keynotes, convocations, conduct corporate and student leadership training and retreats, and have been sought after to consult on topics such as identity development, global leadership, culturally relevant pedagogy, implicit bias, racial equity, success strategies for first-generation college students (and all students), and to help students with the complexities of selecting majors, choosing careers, and stabilizing their lives.
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Mission and Vision

As President of Logan Consulting Services, my focus is to help clients develop leadership and achieve success. My mission is to help leaders, organizations, teams, and individuals develop leadership competencies to succeed in an increasingly complex and diverse global society. What I offer is of special and singular value because I’ve spent decades helping thousands of leaders, students, teachers, workers, teams, parents, principals, superintendents, police officers, and organizations develop internationally and culturally diverse mind-sets, global leadership, and global success.

I’ve discovered unique insights that help clients transform themselves and their organizations. I provide unparalleled expertise through custom-tailored keynotes, personalized coaching, workshops, and consulting, all of which equip my clients with the most effective global leadership competencies in the world. At the heart of it all is how to help people safely step outside of their comfort zones, engage in difficult conversations, critically reflect, embrace their authentic voices, and build practical skills and real relationships based on trust.

My aim is to help you assess and address the issues, challenges, and opportunities of diversity, inclusion, and equity so that you and those you serve are inspired and prepared to meet the challenges of working and living in a twenty-first-century global society. My vision is to provide transformative global leadership competencies to individuals and organizations worldwide.

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At Home

Middle son, Olu; myself; eldest son, Ulai; wife, Miah
Baby Ali at 1-week old, our newest addition; 2016

When I’m not working with clients, I enjoy gardening, camping, coaching, exercise, and eating a hot bowl of vegan popcorn with a cold glass of fresh lemon juice. My greatest pride and satisfaction, however, comes from being a loving and loyal husband to my wife, Miah, and a devoted father to our three sons, Ulaiassi, Olu Sekou, and Ali Salif.


In my life I have never had a presentation more powerful than Dr. Logan’s. There were so many important lessons that were shared that I can relate to as a college student and will hold on to and remember for the rest of my life. I struggle with the same feeling of being lost and confused when deciding on a major or how to create my career.

Dr. Logan presented everything in such a real and raw format that it left me hungry for more knowledge. He didn’t hold anything back and it truly has helped me grow as an individual. So when Dr. Logan said, he did not want to graduate with “a full wallet and an empty heart and soul” I cannot put into words how powerful that quote was. To say that he has inspired me would be an understatement.”

Tiffany Brooks, Student,
University of Southern California

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