About Us

Logan Consulting Services’ vision is to provide transformative, global leadership competencies to individuals and organizations worldwide.

Logan Consulting Services’ mission is to help leaders, organizations, teams, and individuals develop leadership competencies to succeed in an increasingly complex and diverse global society.

I have worked with Dr. Logan for over 8 years as a speaker and presenter in my leadership programs at schools and community organizations. I encourage any organization that wants to foster more leadership across lines of difference to work with Dr. Logan.”

Matt Nink, Director of the Stuart Center for Global Leadership,
Lake Forest Academy

Logan Consulting Services can help because we’ve already helped and have spent decades helping thousands of leaders, students, teachers, workers, teams, parents, principals, superintendents, police officers, and organizations develop a global mind-set, international leadership, and worldwide success. We have a proven track record of success.

Logan Consulting Services has discovered unique and indispensable insights that help clients transform themselves and their organizations.

Logan Consulting Services provides expertise and value through custom-tailored keynotes, personalized coaching, workshops, and consultations, all of which equip our clients with the most effective leadership behaviors and strategies in the world that can be applied universally.

At the heart of it all is this: We help people safely step outside their comfort zones, engage in difficult conversations, critically reflect, embrace their authentic voices, and build practical skills and real relationships based on trust.

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